• The Act 2 Reforms
  • The Act 2 Reforms








  • A 50-fold increase in our standard of living; prior to this and throughout history, the bulk of mankind had known only subsistence living

  • An 80-fold increase in our population 

  • Staggering improvements in our communication and other technologies

  • Harsh, intemperate clashes by special interest groups seeking dominance within our constitutional republic

  • Significant growth of external threats to our way of life 

Some of these changes have undermined and impaired the institutions of the republic, threatening its very survival. Consider how enormous wealth (personal and organizational) is being used to “buy” elections; how that wealth is used in lobbying to influence legislation and regulations; how population growth has attenuated the bond between elected officials and their constituents; and how organized personal attacks by special interest groups have diminished our ability to honestly debate public policy issues. Civility in the public square has virtually disappeared. The late Francis Fukuyama, a prominent author and authority on international affairs, was insightful in 2014 when he wrote:

“Proponents of democracy focus . . . on limiting the power of tyrannical or predatory states. But they don’t spend as much time thinking about how to govern effectively . . . . Americans, more than other people, often fail to understand the need for effective government, focusing instead on the constraint of [governmental] authority.” 

It is time we stepped back, assessed the true state of our dysfunctional government, and recognized the critical importance of effective government in dealing with the serious threats of today.

The Act 2 non-partisan Reform Blueprint can show us the way; it will adjust the Distribution of Political Power to create an effective, disciplined government that protects our freedoms.



Q. Is our federal government dysfunctional?

A. Yes. The evidence is overwhelming.


Q. Is anyone trying to fix it?

A. Only in small ways, at the margins. Most of our political efforts are focused on public policy debates.


Q. Can it be fixed?

A. Author Charles Murray says no, our decline is past the tipping point, which means we must resort to unconventional methods of addressing the problem. He suggests acts of civil disobedience on a large scale.


Q. Is there hope for a more rational (and peaceful) resolution?

A. Yes, the Act 2 Reform Blueprint offers non-partisan, commonsense solutions; it invokes sound management practices that are tried and true.


Q. Act 2 requires constitutional amendments. If we start tinkering with the Constitution, isn’t there a danger we will wander from our founding principles?

A. Not at all. The real danger is in doing nothing. Damage to the institutions of our constitutional republic is already extensive and is continuing unabated. The Act 2 amendments will stop the erosion and rebuild the republic while remaining true to our founding principles.


Q. Can you describe the general approach of Act 2?

A. It is a "good management" approach: when any large organization of people is not achieving satisfactory results, good management will examine two things: 

  • The organizational structure of the group

  • The incentive for the individuals

There is nothing mysterious or unique about the federal government except its enormous size. It will respond to the same management practices as any other group, and that is the focus of Act 2. 


Q. What is the key reform in Act 2?

A. The rule of law requires that our laws apply with equal force and without exception to all citizens. Unfortunately, the law is not enforced effectively against federal officials. The key Act 2 reform is an amendment that will move significant power from the federal government to the states, giving them the responsibility to enforce the law against federal officials. This will dramatically change the culture of Washington for the better.


Q. What is another example of how Act 2 will fix things?

A. Act 2 will give Congress a tool for quick response to improper or unconstitutional actions by the executive branch and independent agencies. In those situations, congressional reliance on protracted lawsuits or defunding maneuvers will no longer be necessary.

There is widespread agreement today that our Government is dysfunctional...
in a word, it is Broken.



 Act 2 offers a non-partisan Blueprint for Action that will deliver these Impressive Results:

Transform the mess in Washington into an effective, disciplined government through aggressive enforcement of the law against federal officials, assessment of penalties when appropriate, and rationalizing the procedures of governing bodies; these initiatives will be controlled and managed by the states.

Give Congress a quick-fix tool to freeze the administrative state and shrink it, and block actions of overreach by the president.

Shield the IRS and other sensitive groups from efforts by the president, his cabinet, or Congress to politicize them.

Create true transparency in our fiscal affairs by forcing Congress to disclose in the annual budget process all claims on the federal treasury, current and future. 

Sharply curtail the ability of special interests to highjack our elections through huge cash "investments"; we will do this by recognizing and codifying the rights of voters.

Eliminate the fiefdoms of members of Congress that are built over decades. 

Eliminate lifetime tenures of the federal judiciary with its risk of age-related infirmities.

Enforce transparency in government through prompt and full disclosures under the Freedom of Information Act; put an end to evasion and stonewalling.

Eliminate the need for Special Prosecutors and their accompanying media circus.


The Act 2 Blueprint for Action will convert the mess in Washington into an effective, disciplined government, rebalance the power of the People vs the Government, and protect our freedoms!

This transformation will be accomplished by enacting five constitutional amendments; they are simple in concept yet profound in impact, and experience has taught us that simple solutions are often the best answer to a problem. The simplicity of our amendments will avoid the unintended consequences that so often flow from governmental actions. Rather than be distracted by the symptoms of our problems (which is how we currently spend most of our time), the Act 2 amendments dig deep to cure the causes of our governmental dysfunction. Act 2 is the only reform program on the horizon that will deliver fundamental, comprehensive reform while remaining true to our founding principles.


These are the five amendments proposed in the Act 2 Blueprint:


Empower the states to enforce the law against federal officials. 


Give Congress the power to block new orders and regulations from the president and bureaucracies.


Apply term limits to the judiciary and Congress. 


Stop budget end runs and introduce fiscal discipline. 


Sharply reduce the power of money in Washington.

Why are there five? Because we can't transform our federal government by playing "small ball;"

it will require more heavy lifting.  But the good news is that it doesn't take that much more effort to deal with five

than it does for one or two. 

After studying our wide array of problems, we focused on the most serious and found we could deal with them with just five amendments. We were determined to keep that number as low as possible to make the Blueprint program manageable. We concluded that five was a good number and will accomplish our goal. 



Explore the Act 2 Blueprint to learn more about us, including information on the amendment process, in depth discussion of each of our five amendments, examples of other reforms that will become possible through administrative action, the Act 2 state application, and facts and myths about a Convention.

These reforms will repair the republic and restore the

American Dream for our children and future generations!


Study the material on this website and urge (no, demand) that your elected officials take action to save the republic! Keep in mind that -

If we fail to act, we may be remembered as the generation

that presided over the death of the American Experiment!

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  • The Act 2 Reforms
  • The Act 2 Reforms