• Frank Keeney

A Titanic Battle

Around the globe, we see a titanic struggle underway between the human need for freedom (the “Freedom Force”) and the contrary desire to amass power (“the Power Impulse”). The 20th century saw a rapid ascent of the Freedom Force as many nations adopted democratic forms of government, but in recent decades we have seen the Power Impulse expanding.

As we analyze the cause of this momentum change, we conclude that the Power Impulse has a strategic advantage over its opponent because it is driven and controlled by small, focused groups while the Freedom Force is typically a diffuse movement that lacks this concentration of energy. As a consequence, building a free, democratic society is hard work and requires constant diligence to overcome its strategic disadvantage. And unfortunately, there is evidence that some of our own citizens are willing to give up their freedoms rather than take on the burden of nurturing and developing a free society, which adds to our problem.

The choice must be made by each of us: shall we take on the hard work of building and protecting a free society or shall we accept a slow slide into a submissive one that surrenders its freedom to the more aggressive impulses that surround us? In making this choice, don’t be misled that giving up a small freedom can have little consequence. The change is cumulative, and every decision counts.

America has long been a world leader in the fight for freedom, but today its dysfunctional government has muted our voice in this battle. So our first order of business must be to fix our government. We cannot effectively fight for freedom if our government is gridlocked and unable to function in a rational manner.

The Act 2 reforms offer a blueprint that is a manifesto to guide us to take the correctional action we so badly need; these reforms will strengthen our resolve and our ability to enter the fray with unified purpose. And that will help level the playing field in our ongoing titanic battle.

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