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Elections: Linchpin of a Repbulic

The five amendments proposed by the Act 2 Reform Blueprint were designed to be non- partisan: Their appeal cuts across the political spectrum. This includes the Act 2 election campaign reform amendment which would require a donor to a federal election campaign to be a resident of the relevant district.

However, some libertarians and other political activists oppose any restrictions on campaign contributions. The Supreme Court has inserted some of their views in its constitutional jurisprudence by voiding some (but not all) laws restricting campaign finance. The Act 2 campaign finance reform amendment would correct this jurisprudence.

In his book The Libertarian Mind – a Manifesto for Freedom, David Boaz, Executive Vice President of The Cato Institute (a libertarian think tank) wrote on page 77:

In the libertarian view, we have an infinite number of rights contained in one natural right. That fundamental human right is the right to live your life as you choose so long as you do not infringe on the equal rights of others. (emphasis added)

We believe election campaign contributions from outside a district do in fact “infringe on the equal rights” of those who live there. Under the current system wealthy outsiders—individuals and groups often connected with Washington D.C. lobbyists—can flood a state or local area with political advertising in an attempt to influence the election in ways that will enhance their power. The sheer volume of noise from outside the district can drown out the voices of those who live there, making it difficult for the voters to properly assess the candidates.

An election campaign is a contest to determine which candidate enters into a contract to serve the voters of the district. By that contract, the voters give a proxy to the elected official and he or she agrees to use best efforts to represent them—not outside special interests.

Honest representation of local constituents is a linchpin of the republic. Nothing should be allowed to corrupt it.

An Act 2 reform amendment will codify and protect this right of voters.

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